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  • Systematic ways of developing critical thinking for IELTS aspirants

    Systematic ways of developing critical thinking for IELTS aspirants - British IELTS Coaching Institute
    Mon, Jul 08, 2019

    Systematic ways of developing critical thinking for IELTS aspirants

    We have been writing on critical thinking for IELTS and the last two blogs Critical thinking for scoring high band in IELTS and Critical thinking and the four IELTS modules have thrown light on various aspects of critical thinking.

    Following are the practical ways of developing critical thinking skills. Systematically practicing the same, a candidate can score high in IELTS. We, being the best IELTS coaching institute in Rohini, have been helping IELTS candidates in developing critical thinking skills.

    • The first practical step for developing critical thinking is to understand the links between ideas. In the reading and listening modules, you should be able to understand the links created by another person. While in the writing and speaking module, one should be able to create links between one’s different ideas and thoughts. If you are seeking best coaching in Rohini, you can approach us.
    • While dealing with many arguments and in the process of creating an original piece of writing one should learn to determine the importance and relevance of ideas and arguments. One needs to make a conscious decision to maintain the relevance of ideas.
    • One should be able to recognize the arguments, build upon them and even appraise them. This is necessary. Many aspirants fail to even recognize the arguments in a text or in a conversation.
    • It is of utmost importance to identify inconsistencies and errors in reasoning. This helps in making corrections and giving shape to the content.
    • One should learn to approach problems in a consistent manner. People make random arguments and this randomness spoils the entire game. Making sporadic points in a discussion does not lead to the solution to a problem. The solution will be there when your approach is systematic.
    • One thing that many people fail to recognize is their own assumptions, beliefs and values. One should reflect upon them. There may be a systematic flaw in the reasoning if the assumptions are not realistic.
    We hope that this series of blogs on critical thinking is helpful to you. You can contact us for IELTS coaching. We are the best IELTS coaching in Rohini.

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