How to be ready for the Test day for IELTS Writing test?

Are you ready for the IELTS writing test on test day? There are number of things you need to know and familiarize yourself through constant practice. Before the real Test you can join any reputed IELTS writing Coaching in Rohini, Delhi. There will be trainers who will guide and help you to be ready for the test.

1.    Skills required for Task 1

The IELTS writing test has two tasks. You will be given a total of 60 minutes. 20 minutes for task 1 and another 40 minutes for task 2. Task 1 of the writing is different while task 2 is an essay. Task 1 Academic involves knowledge about how to summarize the images, while task 1 general is writing a letter. You should have a clear knowledge about the task 1 general letter writing style and summary style for the task 1 Academic.

2.    Know how to summarize Task 1 Academic

You need to know and tune up with the standard writing style for Task 1 Academic summaries. Here you have to write a report of the given images such as chart, graph, a process or a diagram. Remember you do not have to explains, no opinions neither you can give example. You just need to write a report.

3.    Task 1 General letter writing-It’s Style

Be very clear about the letter writing style to who you are to write. If you have to write a letter to a family member or a friend, it should be informal. And if it is to a bank manager or a town councillor, it has to be very formal.

4.    Upper or lower case doesn’t matter

Hey guys! Good news is whether you write an upper case or lower case you are in no way going to lose a mark. So Relax.

5.    Grammar

The most important thing in writing is grammar. You need to use grammar accurately and appropriately whether you like it or not. If you are not good in any of there, prefer joining the Best IELTS writing Coaching in Rohini.

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