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  • Letter writing tips to IELTS candidates

    Letter writing tips to IELTS candidates - IELTS Coaching in Rohini | Delhi
    Wed, Aug 21, 2019

    Letter writing tips to IELTS candidates at best IELTS coaching institute

    Last week I got a chance to visit British IELTS Coaching Institute, the best IELTS coaching in Rohini. I had a very interesting and healthy discussion on various topics of IELTS. The students asked some interesting questions to me. They were impressed with my blogs and asked some questions related to those topics. One question from the entire discussion inspired me to write this blog. One of the IELTS aspirants asked this question about General Training letter writing to me, “How should we arrange the information in the letter, in the order of the question or in any order of my choice”.

    Well to understand this question and have an appropriate answer to this let’s understand the background of letter writing. Why letter writing is taught to us? In fact, this particular skill is taught to us right from the school days. It is so because we can make a written request or respond to some real-life situations. IELTS also has included the task of letter writing in the General Training Writing section. What should one know and do to score high in the GT writing section in general and letter writing in particular? The letter writing question offers a situation and the candidate is supposed to make a request or respond to the situation.

    Now let’s understand which format is best to write your own order or to follow the order of the question. There is no standard answer to this. But one thing is sure that you don’t lose marks if you write your own order. I don’t recommend to always follow the order of the question paper. Similarly, I don’t either recommend to always follow your own order. One should make a judgement as to which is the suitable one for a particular question.

    After reading the question you feel that this question matches with a question that you have already prepared and you, somehow, remember the template. In such a case you should follow what you already know. But remember that you must cover all the points to score high. No details must be skipped. But if the question is already new to you and you have to think and write completely on your own then you should follow the order of the question paper. That will help you write systematically and logically.

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