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  • Pronunciation tips for IELTS by British IELTS Coaching Institute

    Pronunciation tips for IELTS by British IELTS Coaching Institute
    Fri, Aug 23, 2019

    Pronunciation tips for IELTS by British IELTS Coaching Institute

    Do you think that pronunciation is a challenge for you and it can be an impediment in attaining a high band score in IELTS? A large number of professionals and students want to work abroad or study abroad or they want to settle abroad for good. We being the best IELTS coaching in Rohini guide them the ways of achieving high proficiency in the English language.

    For some candidates dealing with pronunciation is very complicated because it gets influenced by the regional accent. Some candidates who are good in reading, writing and listening modules of IELTS, find it difficult in scoring in speaking module. is pronunciation. They find pronunciation to one of the most difficult roadblocks to remove to ultimately scoring high in IELTS.

    There are various approaches one can take to start working on one’s pronunciation.

    The first is to seek the help of a close friend who is good at speaking. Remember that you should be willing to get frank feedback. It may be a bit painful task initially. It’s not at all easy. It comes with its benefits as well as limitations. Getting honest feedback is the benefit because it leads to improvement. But this feedback may not be as comprehensive as provided by a professional. Moreover, friends can help in the identification process. They may also give advice about overcoming the challenge. But different friends will offer different solutions. You may feel confused. They will share what worked for them. But every person is different and different approaches work for them.

    The second is to do it yourself (DIY). People have been learning a lot of things themselves, with DIY approach. It also comes with benefits and limitations. You can train yourself but this is a lengthy process. It takes at least a few months or maybe a year. Yet you may not develop the right skills. This solution may again be not very comprehensive.

    Three, you can enrol for the best IELTS program at the IELTS coaching institute in Rohini. We have expert professionals who train IELTS aspirants in attaining perfection in all the fields of IELTS. This solution is very comprehensive and least time-consuming.

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