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  • Order of information in GT letter writing

    Order of information in GT letter writing - British IELTS Coaching Institute in Rohini
    Mon, Aug 19, 2019

    Order of information in GT letter writing?

    Welcome to my blogs on IELTS exam.I have been writing on various topics of IELTS exam to help the ILETS aspirants. Today’s topic is order of information in GT letter writing. You must have been learning the letter-writing for a long time now. In fact, it is the school where we learn to write the first letter. Letter writing is part of school curriculum so that one can make a request or response in writing to some real-life circumstances. Under different circumstances, you are supposed to write different letters.

    IELTS General Training also contains a section in writing in there is a question on letter writing. In letter writing a situation is provided in the question. The IELTS letter writing is somewhat different from school level letter. A set of information is provided in the IELTS GT writing section which forms the basic layout of the letter. This information should be included in the letter.

    IELTS students generally ask a question to me, “Do I need to follow the order of information that is provided in the IELTS question paper?”. This is a very frequent question that occurs. I personally guide the students on such subject matters. I chose this platform to write a blog on the topic. Candidates formulate a set of templates for different situations and types of letter writing. But this method may not be suitable to cover all possible cases in IELTS GT writing section. To get more live tips and information on cracking IELTS exam you can go to the best IELTS coaching in Rohini.

    As far as IELTS is concerned, you can arrange the information in your answer in any order that makes you comfortable. This will not impact the IELTS score negatively. You need not even provide a justification to write the information in a different order. You will not be penalised in way of marks reduction if you fulfil the minimum requirements which include no spelling errors, adequate length (at least 150 words), appropriate vocabulary&tone and grammatical accuracy. Please remember that the order of the information in question is not the sile judgement criterion.

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