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  • Critical thinking and the four IELTS modules

    Critical thinking and the four IELTS modules - British IELTS Coaching Institute
    Fri, Jun 28, 2019

    Critical thinking and the four IELTS modules

    The best IELTS coaching of Rohini brings this series of on critical thinking we wrote the first blog Critical thinking for scoring high band in IELTS for the introduction of the concept. We discussed why one cannot attain a high band score without demonstrating critical thinking skills in IELTS examination. Both the components of knowledge as well as its application are essential for scoring high band in IELTS. We have helped a large number of students in developing critical thinking skills to ultimately attaining a high IELTS band score. This makes us one of the best IELTS coaching institute in Rohini, Delhi.

    We will go a step further and discuss what does the term critical thinking mean for each module of IELTS – reading, writing, speaking and listening. It is not just a term and we are not discussing plain theory. Rather critical thinking is a skill and we are discussing of developing this as a skill in broader context.

    • The writing should reflect the clarity and rationality of thought process of the candidate. If the content written is thoughtful and well-organized, it reflects critical thinking ability of the candidate. Writing should not be done for the sake of it.
    • The speaking is not just about flowery vocabulary, fine accent, clear speech, etc. these are essential requirements of speaking proficiency. What also matters is thoughtful speaking. In a conversation one should be able to be thoughtful on the questions asked and respond.
    • The reading module of IELTS requires critical thinking in a different manner. When the author might have written the original text, he might have a context. The reader must pick up the context and should be able to thoughtfully organize the flow of thoughts used in writing. Simply speaking, the reader should gauge the thought process of the writer. We being the best IELTS coaching centre of Rohini have helped IELTS candidates in developing this skill.
    Listening also includes some key skills like to be able to understand the foreign accent. But when you listen to an audio how do you memorize the whole of the content. This is a big challenge that many IELTS aspirants face. Critical thinking skills can help one in remembering the content of the audio recording. With critical thinking skills you can organize the content and organization means decoding the thought process of the speaker. 

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