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  • Letter writing tips for IELTS GT - order of information

    Letter writing tips for IELTS GT - order of information - British IELTS Coaching Institute in Delhi
    Tue, Jul 16, 2019

    Letter writing tips for IELTS GT - order of information

    British IELTS coaching institute, the best IELTS coaching in Rohini, writes blogs for the IELTS students so that they can benefit out the blogs and get answers to some of their questions. A question on letter writing is very common in schools and you might have written your first letter, maybe some time, in early secondary class. We are taught letter writing because in real some real-life situations we may have to write different letters in different situations.

    In the General Training Writing of IELTS exam, one writing task is to write a letter. The question statement provides a situation to the candidate and within the given situation the candidate is supposed to write a letter to someone for given reasons. Also, the details to be included in the letter, are also provided in the form of bullet points.

    IELTS students have a frequent to ask, “should I write the letter in the order in which the information is provided in the question.

    The best IELTS coaching in Rohini offers the answer in this blog. In the name of letter writing preparations, students generally prepare a template and try to replicate the same in the exam. But a template may not be sufficient to cover each case in the exam. The candidate may have to think out of the box to answer some of the questions on letter writing. Though it would not necessitate as much cognitive rigor as it may be in academic writing, some thought must be applied.

    Let’s take a sample question

    Your university is conducting a student exchange program and you have to stay with an unfamiliar family next month. Write a letter to this family and include the following details in your letter

    – mention your arrival details

    – introduce yourself

    – ask for weather details to decide your packing



    A common question asked by IELTS students is ‘Does the order of the information in answer impacts the marks if it is not same that in the question?’.

    The answer is – No. You are free to provide the answer in any order. You should feel comfortable in doing so.

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