IELTS Reading Test: Six Tips to improve your score

Are you looking for the Best IELTS Coaching Institute in Rohini, Delhi? If you are soon to have IELTS Reading test and worried about your IELTS Reading test day then visit our IELTS Reading coaching in Rohini. Our years of experienced trainers and teachers will give quick handy tips and insights of the Reading test.

1.    For IELTS reading test you get a total of 60 minutes. 90 second for each question, that excludes your reading time. Waste no time on questions for the answers which you don’t see. Skip them, do the rest and you can always come back to them later.

2.    Reading passages are always from easier to increasing difficulty and you get a total of 40 questions to answer. Therefore, before the test, you should be widening the reading skill from familiarity to complicated passage on various topics.

3.    Always do the earlier questions first to get easy marks and gain confidence. Be very quick in locating the answers. So before test Practice, practice and practice.

4.     You whole task is to locate the answers as quickly as possible in the given passage therefore don’t waste your time in understanding the passage.

5.    Some candidates prefer to read the questions before the text while some prefer to read the passage and then the questions. You can practice both the ways and follow whichever suits you.

6.    Remember IELTS Reading test has a strict time limit which is a challenge to your ability in completing the test in time. Develop your reading skills so that you find the answer quickly in the given passage.

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