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  • Best IELTS coaching in Rohini decodes Pronunciation

    Best IELTS coaching of Rohini decodes Pronunciation - British Ielts Coaching Institute
    Tue, Jul 02, 2019

    Best IELTS Coaching in Rohini decodes Pronunciation 

    There are a large number of students and professionals who plat to study abroad or work abroad or want to settle for good. They need to go for IELTS. There are four modules in IELTS – reading, writing, speaking and listening. For many students, pronunciation affects their IELTS score? They can learn various tricks of making their pronunciation strong from the best IELTS coaching in Rohini. About 1/4 0f your IELTS band score depends on your pronunciation.

    For some students the situation is very complicated. They are good in reading, writing and listening. But when it comes to speaking, they find it difficult to score in this module. One of the roadblocks is pronunciation. They find it difficult overcoming this.

    We suggest 3 ways to identify and overcome this challenge.

    1. One, ask a friend who is good at speaking. Bear in mind that you should be ready to get candid feedback. Taking feedback from friends is not an easy task. It has its benefits as well as limitations. Getting a real-time feedback is the benefit. But limited quality and shallow depth of the feedback are its limitations. Friends can help in the first step, identification of the gap. They may also offer advice on how to overcome the challenge but different people offer different solutions. The solutions are least likely to be comprehensive.

    2. Two, do it yourself (DIY).DIY is very much in trend these days and people have started learning many things themselves. You can train yourself to identify the pronunciation faults and later on learn to improve upon them. For such a solution you should develop some expertise yourself. You may get some affirmative results with some DIY activities. Try this DIY tip for improving pronunciation. It covers one aspect of pronunciation, i.e., wrong ‘word stress’. One word comprises of some syllables. Let’s take some examples.

    ·         One syllable: air

    ·         Two syllables: water / wa-ter

    ·         Three syllables: capable / ca-pa-ble

    ·         Four syllables: capacity / ca-pa-ci-ty

    While pronouncing a word, one syllable is spoken loudly and the other syllables quietly. In other words, a stress is put on one syllable.

    ·         Water as “WA-ter”

    ·         capable as “CA-pable”,

    ·         capacity as – “ca-PA-city”.

      3. Three, you can enrol for the best IELTS program at British IELTS Coaching Institute, the best IELTS coaching in Rohini, Delhi.